What is Everest?

Everest is an innovative solution from EDU365 that's been designed and built to simplify all the varied and complex tasks undertaken by teachers and school leadership teams.

Teachers find Everest highly intuitive due to its thoughtfully designed interface.

Schools won’t incur high implementation and training costs and teachers will be comfortable using Everest to capture and find data from day one.

And Everest is simple to implement and support. Everything is hosted….

Finally, with Everest, there is now a product that delivers on the promise of using IT to support the whole school.

How Everest Works

Watch our video below to see how Everest transforms and improves the day-to-day school experience for teachers, students, parents and the school's management team

In this short video you can see how Everest transforms the school experience for:

  • Anita, a teacher,
  • James, a parent and
  • Philip, the school principal. 

Press play!

“Everest has been welcomed by staff, parents and students alike as it is easy and simple to use.
It also interfaces seamlessly with our school management system, SIMS, which is saving us time”.

Principal - John Gray High School

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