Everest will provide schools with a simple, unified remote classroom solution, enabling schools to stay in touch with their whole school community during everyday school life and during closures.

Teachers can remote access SIMS for key information on students and contacts, from most devices with an internet connection. Giving schools a great deal of flexibility and keeping costs to a minimum.

Should schools need to close at any time Everest can also provide a link to Microsoft Teams, offering a means of delivering an online curriculum with live timetabled lessons. Keeping school life as normal as possible.

Everest offers teachers comprehensive homework management options with the facility to publish supporting information for students to access via the Everest App. With the ability to ask for clarification, or help, students have an easy way to engage with their teachers and teachers can monitor how well subject matter and resources are understood.

The Everest App also supports parental engagement, offering parents a complete view of their children’s school life and performance, supporting their learning journey.

During the school day teachers find Everest quick and efficient. When it’s time to take the class register, award an achievement, log a behaviour incident or enter assessment marks and comments for reporting Everest is intuitive to use. There is little training needed and with the data write back to SIMS there is no duplication of work.

How Everest Works

Watch our video below to see how Everest transforms and improves the day-to-day school experience for teachers, students, parents and the school's management team

In this short video you can see how Everest transforms the school experience for:

  • Anita, a teacher,
  • James, a parent and
  • Philip, the school principal. 

Press play!

“Everest has been welcomed by staff, parents and students alike as it is easy and simple to use.
It also interfaces seamlessly with our school management system, SIMS, which is saving us time”.

Principal - John Gray High School

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